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Dallas wardrobe

Dallas wardrobe is a perfect choice for any bedroom to complete a luxurious and glossy look. The 6-door contemporary style closet is here to help you with all of your storage debacles. 4 doors of the wardrobe feature reflective glass fronts.
  • Dimensions: length 300 cm, depth 61 cm, height 230 cm
  • Material: MDF/Tempered glass
  • Color: beige/grey
  • Made in China
  • 1 year guarantee (against manufacturing defects)

Eva Wardrobe

The Modern & Contemporary Wardrobe, from our gorgeous Italian collection , The unique Walnut High gloss finishing of Eva collection is enhanced by Metal Feet & Handles and trims in satin brass colour. Product Overview • Finishing: Walnut (High Gloss) • Handles: Metal in Brushed Brass finish • Hardware: Under-drawer High-end soft closing and soft motion runner system
  • Size :L324×W61×H232cm
  •  color : brown
  • Made in Italy

Hamilton wardrobe

The Hamilton wardrobe adds a glamorous look to your bedroom. Featuring a beautiful contemporary style closet in a classic white finish crafted from durable materials, this wardrobe comes with six tall doors, each designed with slim horizontal silver handles. In addition, the closet provides ample storage for your short and long clothes, plus shelves and center drawers.
  • Dimensions: length 270 cm, depth 59 cm, height 215
  • Color: White
  • Made in China
  • 1 year guarantee (against manufacturing defects)

Luca Wardrobe

The gentle Provencal style of the Luca collection is just for you. The minimalist form of the solids is broken by the color of light sibiu larch with the dark color of the table tops and slats by the bed in the shade of pine larico. Functionality is ensured by spacious drawers on safe guides, branded hinges and subtle handles. Luca's bedroom set is the perfect way to decorate your bedroom in a trendy and pragmatic way.
  • Size:L220×W55×H216cm
  •  color : white
  • Made in Poland

Medea Wardrobe

The stylish Medea Modern Italian Wardrobe 6 Door in a stunning High Gloss walnut finish, part of our bedroom collection, Medea. This beautiful walnut 6 door wardrobe comes with chrome effect details. Made in Italy, the Medea wardrobe is elegant, modern and fully functional. All doors are equipped with a soft closing system. This contemporary high gloss Italian wardrobe will look amazing in your home!
  • Size: L324cm x 60cm x 230cm
  • High gloss 6 door wardrobe
  • Optional LED coat hangers rail
  • color: gray
  • Made in italy

Pearls Wardrobe

Pearls Wardrobe impresses with its sleek, chic design and high-quality craftsmanship. Featuring soft-hinged doors as well as ample space to store and organize your clothes and accessories, this 6-door contemporary-style closet is an ideal piece for your bedroom.
Product Features:
  • Consists of 6 doors
  • Reflective Glass door fronts
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Easy cleaning
Product specifications:
  • Material: MDF/ Tempered Glass/ Golden Zinc alloy handles
  • Color: White/Gold
  • Dimensions: L 250 x D 60 x H 220 cm
Made in China 1 year guarantee (against manufacturing defects)

Perla Wardrobe

The Modern & Contemporary 6 Door Wardrobe, from our gorgeous Italian collection, Perla . This stunning Italian wardrobe is one of our bigger wardrobes, so you’ll have plenty of storage space available! The Perla Grey Wardrobe has a gorgeous contemporary look and feel to it and will add Italian charm to your bedroom. Also available as part of the Perla Bedroom Set.  
  • L 324cm x W 60cm x H 230cm
  • Stunning textured design
  • Soft open and closing system
  • Material: multi coat Acrylic lacquer Tortora Eco-leather upholstering
  • Made in Italy

Reflective Glass Fronted wardrobe

One of the most requested wardrobes at Woody is reflective glass front wardrobes. A luxury modern closet providing plenty of storage with an organized interior designed with hanging space, drawers and shelving for clothes or personal belongings. The 6-door wardrobe features soft close hinges as well as elegant reflective glass fronts and slim long handles.  
Product Specifications:
Dimensions: L 303, D 61, H 230 cm Material: MDF/Tempered glass Color: Brown   Made in China 1 year guarantee (against manufacturing defects)

Tara wardrobe

Tara wardrobe is a six door modern wardrobe with ample space. The sturdy closet is crafted from melamine. Over and above, the wardrobe features long slim aluminium handles. This wardrobe is a perfect modern addition to your bedroom.
Product Features
  • Consists of 6 doors rods for Short and Long Clothes, plus Shelves and Drawers
  •  Long black aluminium handles
  •  90° Open Doors with Soft Close Hinges
  •  Easy to clean
Product Specifications
  • Material: Melamine
  • Color: Grey
  • Dimensions: length 303 cm, depth 56 cm, height 230 cm
  • Made in China
  • 1 year guarantee (against manufacturing defects)

Wardrobe Jasper

Wardrobe Jasper is crafted from rubber wood with the perfect blend of functionality and exceptional design. This mirrored closet with six doors provides plenty of space to organize your clothes. A truly unrivalled wardrobe addition to your bedroom space.
Product Features
  •  consists of 6 doors with ample storage space
  •  90° Open Doors with Soft Close Hinges
  • durable and sustainable
  •  easy to clean
Product Specifications
  • Material: Rubber wood
  • Color: Dark walnut
  • Dimensions: length 216 cm, depth 61 cm, height 255 cm
  • Made in Malaysia
  • 1 year guarantee (against manufacturing defects)

انطلر دولاب غرفه نوم

اجمع بين الفخامة والرقي في منزلك بالحصول على دولاب الملابس المصممه بخمسة أبواب ، مصممة بطابع فريد، وتفاصيل متقنة، تضفي لمسة جمالية لافتة في منزلك، مصنوعة من أجود الخامات، سهلة التنظيف والعناية بها. مميزات المنتج 
  • سهل في المسح والتنظيف
  • يحتوي على أربعة أبواب تعليق والأخر أرفف متعددة لتكفي إحتياجك
مواصفات المنتج 
  • الخامة MDF
  • اللون بني
  • المقاس: الطول 226 سم ,العرض 95 سم , الارتفاع 216 سم
  • صنع في الصين
  • ضمان سنه ضد عيوب التصنيع

تيسدال دولاب غرفه نوم

فخامة تحكى بدولاب تيسدال الفاخرالمصمم بكل دقة وأتقان وحرفية عالية دولاب (5 أبواب) يتم استخدام باب زجاجي عاكس 4 مم. يوجد رفين يمكن سحبها للخارج. الوجوه الأمامية ، الإطارات على حافة الباب مصنوعة من مادة الألمنيوم. مميزات المنتج 
  • سهل في المسح والتنظيف ولكن بعناية
  • يحتوي على خمسة أبواب كافية لإحتياجك
  • وجود العديد من الأرفف ومعاليق الملابس الداخلية كافية للتخزين
مواصفات المنتج 
  • نوع الخامة زجاج \ ميلامين \ خشب MDF
  • اللون بني
  • المقاس : الطول 250 سم , العرض 60 سم , الارتفاع 228 سم
  • صنع في الامارات
  • الضمان سنه ضد عيوب التصنيع