Welcome to Woody’s website. 

AlMousa Trading and Contracting Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers Woody’s e-commerce website through which we offer home and office furniture products for sale online and provide delivery and installation services. We provide these services according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement: 


In this Agreement, and unless the context requires otherwise, the terms referred to in this section shall have the meanings set forth next to each term, as follows:

“Woody” or “the website”, “we”, “the first person” or “the possessive pronoun”: refers to the Woody website and Al-Mousa Trading and Contracting Company, the owner of the “Woody” trademark in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“User”, “you” or “the second person”: means the person who visits the Website, uses it, logs in to the Website, or enters into this Agreement or any of its sections.

“The customer” refers to any person (institution, company, any commercial or non-commercial entity) who requests to purchase our home and office furnishing products offered for sale through the website.

“Home Furniture Products” or “Products” refers to any of the home furnishing products offered for sale through the website, which may be available from time to time with the specifications and prices announced on the page of each product.

“Content” means all text, graphics, photographs, logos, illustrations, explanations, data and other materials provided by Woody’s website, on or from

Woody’s website services, as well as their selection, aggregation, and arrangement.

“Regulations” refers to the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“Agreement” refers to the terms and conditions stipulated in this document, as well as the website’s privacy policy, and all agreements made between us and customers or users through electronic or non-electronic means of communication, as well as all instructions issued by the website’s administration at any time regarding the use of the website or benefit of our services.

Woody’s Services

  • Woody’s website offers home and office furniture selling services online through the website.

  • Woody’s website provides shipping, delivery and installation services through a trained and experienced team in accordance with Woody’s approved shipping and installation policy.

  • Woody provides multiple payment methods to suit all our customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Consent and Legal Capacity of Individuals 

  • User acknowledges that they have full, unrestricted legal capacity to enter into this Agreement with us in accordance with applicable regulations, and the user acknowledges that they are 18 years of age at the time of joining this Agreement.

  • User acknowledges that he/she is eligible,mentally fit, able to perceive and comprehend and to enter into civil and commercial transactions in accordance with the applicable regulations.

  • The website reserves the right to terminate the Agreement and ban login if it is proven to the website at any time that the user does not meet any of the previous conditions.

  • The consent of individuals to this Agreement is required, and the consent is considered explicit by registering the user on the website, using the website, or ordering of home and office furniture products or entering in any sales process.

Electronic Signature 

Your use of the Website, your login with it, or your order to purchase our home and office furnishing products is an electronic signature of this Agreement and constitutes your explicit acceptance of all the provisions and policies contained therein. This agreement is effective against you once you use the website and you abide by all the obligations contained therein and abide by the privacy policy and all practices and provisions contained therein.

The Contractual Nature of the Agreement

  • This Agreement is the final agreement between Woody’s website on the one hand, and any person who visits the site, uses it, requests to purchase home furniture products through it, or uses any of its features or features on the other hand.

  • This Agreement is a valid electronic contract with complete legal terms and conditions.

  • All users and customers acknowledge that this Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between them and Woody, and have agreed that they have not relied on any assurances, whether oral or written, in agreeing to this Agreement other than the provisions set forth therein.

  • The description of the services and subpages of the “Woody” website that were prepared by the Website is an integral part of this Agreement, and the contracts that supplement this agreement that are signed with any of the users and customers are considered an integral part of it, and the terms of this Agreement apply to them and they are inseparably linked to this Agreement.

Signing in 

  • Woody’s website allows customers and users to log in to the Website, and it will send a text message to verify the added number.

  • The number must be in the user’s possession to be able to enter the confirmation number that Woody’s website sends through text messages.

  • The user is obligated to all transactions that take place while logged in to the website, and is responsible for any actions or activities that he does while logged in with us.

Acceptable Use Policy

  • The user is bound by this agreement, including its terms and conditions, and the user is bound by all the laws, regulations and decisions in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • The user is obligated to follow all instructions issued to him by Woody’s website regarding the use of the website or any of the services provided through it.

  • The content provided through the website is intended for advertising and informational purposes only, and therefore the user is not authorized to use such content for any other purposes not disclosed by us.

  • Woody’s website is dedicated to selling our furniture products, and therefore it is prohibited in any way to use the site for any infringing purposes or in any way inconsistent with our objectives.

  • The user acknowledges that he/she  is fully responsible for any use made by logging in to the Website, including any communication with the Website administration or any purchase orders made by the user through the Website.

  • The user is obligated not to send any messages or infringing content through the communication services available through the website, and is also obligated not to send any materials, harmful software, viruses, spyware, hacking, or other matters in violation of the applicable regulations.

  • The user is obligated to notify us if he discovers any illegal use of the website or any of the services, sales orders or credit cards.

  • The user acknowledges that by agreeing to enter into this Agreement, he/she will not rely on any representations, warranties or other assurances made by or on behalf of “Woody” website except as provided in this Agreement.

  • Your use of Woody’s website may be associated with the provision of third party services or content, which are not under our control, and therefore you acknowledge that other terms, conditions and privacy policies apply to your use of third party services and content.

Customer Terms and Conditions

  • The customer knows and agrees that the website is intended for the sale of our products advertised through the website, and does not offer any products other than those available through the website.

  • The customer undertakes to enter the pages of the website and choose the home or office  furniture products to be purchased and select them accurately before placing the purchase order.

  • The customer can purchase the home or office furnishing products offered for sale through the website if these products are available and ready for sale or according to the delivery dates agreed upon with the customer.

  • The customer is obligated to pay the price of the product advertised through the website, using the payment methods specified by the website, in accordance with the approved payment policy.

  • The website has the right at any time to ask the customer to provide data about himself/herself such as the place of residence or other data that facilitate the shipping, delivery and installation process.

  • Home/office furniture products are shipped to the customer and installed according to the customer’s request and according to the website’s shipping and installation policy.

  • In the event that the customer refuses to receive the products of the purchased home/office furniture on the delivery date specified in the agreement between the site and the customer, our cancellation and replacement policy will apply in this case.

  • The customer undertakes not to dispose of the sale of the purchased home/office furniture products until after paying the full price in addition to the shipping fee, and undertakes to complete the payments in case the partial payment was made by mistake.

  • If the customer receives home/office furniture products, he/she must verify their condition and compliance with the specifications upon receipt, and the website does not guarantee a defect that is customarily tolerated.

  • The customer must notify the website of any defect that he discovers in the home/office furniture products according to the dates set in the return policy, provided that the return is in accordance with our return policy.

  • After receiving home/office furnishing products, the customer must comply with all instructions regarding their use.

  • Before the date of delivery of the home/office furniture products sold to the customer, and in the event that the customer violates these terms and conditions of sale, the website has the right to cancel this agreement, with immediate effect and without any judicial notifications or announcements, while the website retains the right to any appropriate compensation.

  • The customer is bound by all policies followed by the website, including the policies of payment, shipping, installation, return and use of home furniture products.

  • The customer is allowed to make evaluations on sales operations, and the customer pledges not to abuse this right and that the evaluations are honest and expressive of the performance of the service, and are consistent with our evaluations policy.

  • The customer shall abide by all provisions of applicable laws, decrees and regulations.

  • In all cases, the customer undertakes to deal with home/office furniture products for legitimate purposes, and to abide by all applicable laws and regulations.

Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase

  • The sale process is carried out electronically according to the availability of home/office furniture products on the website, and therefore the customer exempts the website from any responsibility in the event that all or some of the required products are not available on the website or the stock runs out.

  • Home/office furnishing products are provided as per the specifications advertised on the sale pages of each product across the website.

  • Woody’s website provides sufficient information about the products offered for sale through the website, and also provides pictures of the products that express the product and show its colors and all its specifications.